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As a bonus, you'll practice putting your strengths into action with Strengths Builder, an easy-to-learn, four-step, research-backed program. Your adventure lies ahead, and The Power of Character Strengths is your must-have resource for building your best life! Visit Amazon to purchase.

This unique guide brings together the vast experience of the author with the science and the practice of positive psychology in such a way that both new and experienced practitioners will benefit. New practitioners will learn about the core concepts of character and signature strengths and how to fine-tune their approach and troubleshoot.

Experienced practitioners will deepen their knowledge about advanced topics such as strengths overuse and collisions, hot button issues, morality, and integrating strengths with savoring, flow, and mindfulness. Hands-on practitioner tips throughout the book provide valuable hints on how to take a truly strengths-based approach.

Martin E. Seligman, founder of positive pscyhology, said, "this is the GO-TO book for building character. Looking for the latest research and practices on character strengths and mindfulness? Curious about how character strengths can supercharge your mindfulness practice? Or how mindfulness can help you deploy your best qualities? Look no further the answers are in this book! At the core of this hands-on resource for psychologists and other practitioners, including educators, coaches, and consultants, is Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice MBSP , the first structured program to combine mindfulness with the character strengths laid out in the VIA Institutes classification developed by Drs.

Seligman and Christopher Peterson.

Best Marriage Books for Couples (to Read in 12222)

In fairy tales, lasting love just happens. In addition to writing about mental disorders, she blogs regularly about body and self-image issues on her Psych Central blog, Weightless. Find help or get online counseling now. By Margarita Tartakovsky, M. Associate Editor. Psych Central. All rights reserved.

Being married means you are two separate individuals and must learn how to live in community with each other complimenting one another, not completing. Boundaries in Marriage has a great point of view on how to get started, and how to maintain boundaries within your marriage and boundaries to protect your marriage.

Our Favorite MUST READ Marriage Books - The Dating Divas

Struggling to build boundaries in your marriage and with your friends or family? Read this book to learn how to set healthy boundaries for your marriage. More from John Gottman, his wife now joins him in this book based off of their scientific study results of ten different married couples.

This book is designed to help couples work through situations such as affairs, workaholism, parenthood adjustments and lack of intimacy, this book may just be the last thing to help your failing or struggling marriage. You will learn how to transform your marriage with the 10 marriage lessons shared in this book.

Fun, engaging, and open-ended questions that will lead to some of the best conversations you have had in a while, bring you closer and really get you learning about each other. Questions for Couples is a must have pocket sized book to bring along in your glove box for car rides, or keep in your bag for coffee dates.

The 6 Best Books for a Healthy Relationship, According to Authors and Psychiatrists

As the title suggests, you learn what the needs of your spouse are and how to satisfy those needs. You and your spouse will enjoy reading this humorous marriage help book. You will both gain biblical wisdom for your marriage if you are looking for something religious based.

Best books about love and relationships

It will teach you to keep communicating, relieve stress, be fulfilled in your marriage. Do you struggle with your finances?

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Not sure about how to pay off your debt or plan for your future? Get a copy of this book to read today. Passionate Marriage by Dr.

David Schnarch. David Schnarch seeks to give couples the tools to have a deeply passionate marriage through sexual and emotional fulfillment. This bucket list journal for couples will help you both to create bucket list adventures you want to experience together before you die.

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Plus you can record your favorite bucket list memories in it too. Imagine getting a note every week telling you why your spouse is thankful, appreciative, or loving of YOU? Also, it includes gratitude prompts and quotes to help you write what you are grateful for each week. These marriage books provide marriage advice on different marriage issues such as communication, finances, intimacy, sex, etc.

If you are thinking about marriage counseling or therapy, please get some of the books above today. And read them.

Our Top Picks

As part of our family and marriage goals for each year, we read or re-read at least one marriage book together as a couple. So if you have a reading list, be sure to check out all of the above marriage books for couples and add some to your reading list.