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I read your post and it is very soothing to a broken and wounded heart.. I kept hanging on hope that he will change.

But instead he kept manipulating me my parents and his parents too that he is trying to change.. He led Nd lied and lied in all aspects. I ve lost hope he is gonna change. I ve decided to leave him for my safety.. I sometimes feel guilty that I have taken a bow to support my spouse in good and bad times. But all I see is he is using my belief and exploring me. I have lost my stkf resist my everything.. I have formed within the last 25 years. All I had was pain and lies.. I pray Gud to give me the strength to move on with life as pet his Holy will. God does not intend for you to be harmed or endangered.

Do what you need to do to be safe; God will bring you a better life and the strength to live it!! Interesting reading,but just how long am I to wait? I realized my mistakes in praying for good things to happen in my life before Jesus returns. Someone please tell me why I should even bother.

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To be succinct: I want out of this living hell called life!!!!!!! Why bother with God? How long do you have to endure a painful life before the good times come? It can take years. Will it be worth it when your radical faith is rewarded with radical blessings? FH Thank you for your kind words. I was taken aback that someone responded in such a timely manner.

I am only able to pray that my payback time will show up before Jesus comes back. Thank you again, Richard. I know how you feel, Richard. Jesus was penniless; all he owned were the clothes on his back and the sandals on his feet. He lived a life of service. There are a near-infinite of ways and places where you can donate your time to help others; interacting with people who are disabled, ill, homeless, hungry, will give you a new perspective, and helping them will give you more joy than anything you could ever buy.

I understand how you are feeling. We were told by the family not to do anything, foolishly we listened and we ended up giving the devil such a foothold in our family. If God were to bless me with real money, I would bless people anonymously. Why have an ulterior motive?!

The place where the aporia of the Christ is illusively explicit

Thank you and may the Lord always bless you and your loved ones.! I suffered years of trauma and abuse as a child and teenager and I have been working hard to forgive everyone this year. This was so encouraging! Yes, thank you! I have been reading her book, Beauty for Ashes, and it has been helping so much with the healing process! God bless you! You sure do seem to have tis great faith in God and an extraordinary belief that He sees all and knows all of the wrongs that have been done to us and that He will bring justice into our lives for all we have been through.

Well, I have been praying for over a year now that God would bring consequences to my ex who cheated on me and has also cheated on the girl he cheated on ME with!

My ex and I were together on and off for 5 years and I thought it was going to be the greatest relationship of my life. I thought he was the greatest man ever and at one point I actually thought God had brought us together because of the circumstances surrounding how we ended up together.

Yeah, that never happened. So he knew all the things about me that he ended up ashamed of with other people, before he asked me to be with him. But anyways to make a long story short him and I have been together while he was still seeing this girl he cheated on ME with. So I went over to his house about a week later and found her car in his driveway. I found out later that he was with us both for the first 3 months of his relationship with her. I found out about it, she never has. To this day she has no idea she has ever been cheated on. She still believes every word that comes out of his mouth.

He knew my weaknesses and he preyed on them to get me to stay with him and to believe he had never done a thing wrong. Well, as soon as he found someone better he threw me away like garbage, like all the things he said, all the things he promised and all the things we had been through had never happened. It was as if our relationship never existed to him as soon as he knew he had gotten this girl to fall in love with him and knew she wanted to be with him, he ditched me.

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God lets her stay with him, continues to bless and strengthen their relationship even though a week before my ex took this girl to Vegas he was with me! She just has no idea! I never once cheated on him, I never used him, I never treated him the way he treated me. I was the best girlfriend I knew how to be to him. But I have asked God to tell her, and yet He wont, He just lets her believe in him, believe his words, his lies, believe that he would never cheat on her. How can I have faith or believe if I am looking at God blessing my cheating ex with a girlfriend and rewarding him for what he has done to me?!

That hurts. He has everyone fooled but you say God sees and knows all, then how come He has blessed him with a girlfriend who he seems to treat FAR BETTER than he EVER treated me, and I have no one and everyone thinks all these bad things about me and sees him as the victim he wants everyone to see him as? Why does HE get all the blessings and I get nothing?! It is hard to have faith, it really is.

Innermost Freethought

Now, you need to STOP agonizing over this man and his life and move on with your own life. This man is not giving you one moment of thought, but he is still ruling your life as if you were still with him. You should thank God every day that He got you away from a man who has such poor morals and treated you so badly.

In addition, you need to STOP praying that something bad happens to him; not only does God ignore prayers of this type, but He will not respond to any of your prayers when you have this kind of attitude. Nothing bad that happens is because God provided a blessing, and when bad people receive good things, it is not because God has blessed them, but because of their own efforts and the exercise of their free will and the free will of people they interact with.

People get together because they use their free will to choose each other, not because God is blessing them. When you have done that, when you are living your life the way God wants you to, rather than wishing ill on people, dwelling on the past and obsessing over someone who is not in your life,THEN you will start receiving blessings. I have recently been scamed all my savings. Report the crime to the police; there is no cost to you of the police and courts prosecuting a crime.

When will all of the evil disappear from our neighborhood? We have been having problems with neighbors. Just a few days ago, they broke into our home and stole from us. Another one is the grandson of a neighbor.

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Please pray for my family and guide me on what to do. I have been praying and praying and need vindication from the Lord! In the meantime, keep this in mind:. I will.

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I am tired of their evil ways toward my family! Please pray for sooner rather than later. I have been praying for a long time. I am believing and relying on HIM to resolve for us. Please continue to pray for me and my family. I am at a loss…. If the police are ignoring those people breaking and entering, and stealing, you might need to follow that up. In the meantime, get stronger locks. Your words keeps me going. I thought God forgot about me but i was very wrong.

He keep the record. I will continue doing the right things and pay back time will come. Am blessed. Stay in faith; radical faith leads to radical blessings!!