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In late , Miki Matsumoto, a beautiful Japanese teenager who has been in hiding since escaping from an internment camp, is working as Riley's secretary in gratitude for his rescuing her from a vicious kidnapper. Miki's sinister uncle threatens to When a gruesome murder of his former partner's wife occurs, Detective William Bomes along with his current partner, Detective Emily Lind, are assigned the case.

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In their search, Bomes discovers connections with other victims. Will he be able to fin The 7th entry in the Award-winning series. With a special introduction by Michael Connelly "Eerie and cinematic. John Jordan manages to be deeply flawed yet utterly appealing. Lister, with his gift for exploring the nuances of human relationship Merrick McKnight is back. Following the Florida Book Award-winning previous novel, Blood Sacrifice, John Jordan returns in Rivers to Blood to search for an escaped prisoner, a shocking murderer, and a sadist forcing his victims violate themselves--all while trying to take car Sixteen-year-old Shelby Emma Summers has disappeared on a late-August day from her famous artist mom's Following a particularly brutal and costly case, John Jordan goes to a secluded retreat center and encounters one of the most bewildering and haunting cases of his career-the suspicious death of a young woman undergoing an exorcism.

Fighting a losing The scratch of a single match--spark, heat, chemical reaction, fire being born--and an intense thriller begins. She ducks into the office of PI Jimmy "Soldier" Riley, not to hire him, but to find out if he's the one following her. Back when they were lovers he told her if he ever decided to, she'd never know he was there.

We could, with humility, embody compassion and justice. We could so completely trust God that we dare t Thousands of bikers have descended on the Miracle Strip for one of America s premiere biker rallies. Amid the bikes and beer and bikinis, crimes of unspeakable brutality are being committed - one of which touches too close to home for former reporter It's known as the Protective Management Unit. It's a closed society within a closed society, housing Florida state inmates who wouldn't survive in open population at Potter Correctional Institution.

In it, John Jordan witnesses the most baffling crim The suffocating heat makes you do things Encountering the kind of wildlife that made him want to be a photographer in the first place, Remington James gets some of the best shots of his life, but he s about to happen upon the most dangerous animal of all - a feral, patient, sociopath who wa For those unafraid of the dark. Comes a series of entertaining and thought-provoking stories as modern as MySpace and as timeless as revenge.

Welcome to Desperation, the small north Florida mill town that is purgatory to 3, doomed souls-les Within the confines of seemingly ordinary cases, John explores the ineffable and inexplicable, the profou The mean streets of north Florida may be desolate rural highways or backwoods dirt roads, but they are no less capable of cruel indifference to criminal acts than their urban analogues. The ubiquitous slash pines remain just as silent as their concre Florida prison chaplain John Jordan investigates the baffling and disturbing murder of the seven year-old adopted daughter of ex-con turned televangelist, Bobby Earl Caldwell--a murder committed in John's own locked office when Bobby Early conducts a A baffling case.

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A brilliant detective. A conflicted ex-cop who now wears a clerical collar investigates baffling cases of murder in these beloved, acclaimed, and be Could John Jordan commit murder? What about Anna or Merrill? The film incarnation is, unfortunately, much of the same. Stick around for even more reviews, including the new sci-fi release Captive State, After Life from Ricky Gervais, and The Mustang, now in limited release. It deeply saddens me, then, to report that the film misses nearly every opportunity to create something meaningful, original, or memorable.

It fails to deliver on any of the promises it makes from the outset and winds up feeling like a wholly unrewarding chore to watch. The Criterion Collection is often revered rightfully so for bringing well-deserved attention to the more obscure, lesser-known corners of cinema history. They have highlighted great films that — whether due to poor accessibility or popularity — have been largely forgotten, and those interested enough to take advantage of the opportunity are typically better off as a result.

Their sixth movie of the week, available exclusively to charter subscribers of The Criterion Channel, is a prime example of their knack for worthwhile curation and restoration, and it also serves as an exciting sneak peek into a title not yet released on physical media.

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It reworks your system. Gives you a new lease on life. Or, perhaps in less dramatic terms, it reroutes your perception of film in general. These rare movies give you a totally new understanding of the art form and can show you what this wondrous medium can do. They provide unforgettable epiphanies and serve as luxurious early showcases for how authentic, inviting, delicate, invigorating, and downright humane cinema can truly be.

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Spring is in the air, and so is Captain Marvel. The familial drama tells the story of Harry Danny Glover , a mysterious drifter from the Deep South who takes up a temporary residence in the home of an old acquaintance named Gideon Paul Butler and his wife Suzie Mary Alice , as well as their extended family.

Keeping your emotions in check means maintaining a semblance of control. This is what the titular Captain Marvel played by Brie Larson is struggling with when we first meet her training on the planet Hala, far from the Earth we know in more ways than one. Special guest Cory Woodroof joins us for a quick Oscars recap, plus we dig into the recent controversy surrounding Steven Spielberg and Netflix.

For their fourth Movie of the Week, Criterion Channel has wisely decided to highlight Andrei Tarkovsky, one of the greatest filmmakers of all time. Released in Russia during the spring of and a few years later in the U. There are exceptions, of course, like Toy Story 3, for instance. It certainly has the Oscars […]. Paige and her brother Zak Florence Pugh and Jack Lowden want nothing more than to be professional wrestlers, to be whisked away from their small town in England and into the throes of Wrestlemania in America.

Following the tragic termination of Filmstruck, the thoughtfully curated and programmed streaming service, Criterion triumphantly assured distraught fans that they would be independently forming a service of their own. They have a built-in audience by now, and the notion of a service specifically aimed at hardcore cinephiles is thrilling and necessary to critics, scholars, film […].

You can have the most cynical, braindead, waste of space movie hitting the big screen, and yet it may still win your heart. And the opposite is also true. A film that should work on paper—great cast, writing, visual styles, etc. Later in the show we break down the Sundance Film Festival, teasing some of the most intriguing new films set to release later this year.

The Big Bout by Michael Lister

It was the greatest party that never happened. We talk about the Oscar nominations for […]. Jackson, and James McAvoy. After our featured review, we answer listener questions and discuss some of our favorite films of all time. Hold on to your emotions. Later in […]. Steve Carell stars in the latest film from legendary filmmaker Robert Zemeckis. And, well, uh oh. Sorry, Matt. Time to dust off your kites. Mary Poppins has ofifcially returned, this time as Emily Blunt, along with an almost all-new cast taking residence at 17 Cherry Tree Lane.

A lot of films are flying at us this month, so we decided to do a marathon of reviews this week. Not only do we cover some limited releases battling it out for Golden Globes and Oscars, but we also cover some recent streaming releases and major blockbusters that have come out in the last […].

The Big Bout

We also tease […]. Hey kids! Seuss adaptation featuring your favorite Benedict Cumberbatch-voiced Illumination-produced holiday-stealing green bad boy. Happy Flicksgiving! The film originally came out at the tail end of , so what our thoughts three years later? Special guest Tyler Carlin of the Bacon and Eggs podcast joins us this week to discuss the latest misadventures of Newt Scamander in J.

Get ready for one badical review. This week, we discuss the new A24 coming of age skater film written and directed by Jonah Hill and starring Sunny Suljic, Lucas Hedges, Katherine Waterston, and a host of talented newcomers. This week, we review the latest followup to the classic horror film of the same name, directed this time by David Gordon Green with Jamie Lee Curtis and Nick Castle reprising their roles as original final girl Laurie Strode and unkillable serial killer Michael Myers. Drew Goddard directed and wrote this new neo-noir thriller about one night gone horribly wrong at a hotel with some disturbing, dark secrets.

Jon and T. This is one conversation about Pixar […]. We gathered questions from Cinemaholics listeners all across the internet and did our best to answer them. We discussed our most overrated and underrated films, debated which decade of film is better than the other, relived our final Blockbuster Video memories, and a whole lot more. Or were we spellbound by the performances of Jack Black and Cate Blanchett? We revisit the original classic, the lesser-known sequel, the notorious crossover, the even MORE notorious crossover, the other lesser-known sequel, and the latest […]. If it bleeds, we can review it!

You voted, we listened! We discuss our most anticipated films coming out, as well as our honorable mentions and a few notable films […]. Get ready to put a sock in it. We talk about the ones that worked five of them , […]. Anthony took over as host this week as we took a year journey from all the way to […].

We discuss the themes, politics, and marketing tactics of the new release, as well as our predictions for the planned […]. Needless to say, we have […]. Afterwards, we take some time to […]. Disclaimer: Our normal recording device crashed at the end of the episode go figure , so we were forced to use a backup recording of slightly lesser quality. We apologize for the inconsistent sound of this episode. We also covered a few other releases this week that were a bit hit and miss.

We excluded anything by Disney […].

In honor of the unfortunate passing of R. Lee Ermey, this week we decided to count down our 5 favorite supporting characters from a whole litany of movies. We quickly realized that we had bitten off more than we could chew with this massive topic, because there are literally MILLIONS of supporting characters, but we […].