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The orphaned eighteen-year-old stablehand Rosalind Grundy is seduced by a married woman, and faces a lynching after the pair is surprised in flagrante delicto. But she manages to escape with the aid of a strange and aristocratic old man who calls himself Don Valiente.

The Adventures of Don Valiente and the Apache Canyon Kid

Don Valiente, having read too many dime westerns, h The West will never be the same. Don Valiente, having read too many dime westerns, has come to believe that he is a famous gunfighter. He thinks Roz is a young man named Ross, and he takes her under his wing, intending to teach her and to revive "The Code Of The Caballeros. But when they come upon a grisly murder scene and the trail of three escaped-convict killers, Roz realizes that her only chance to survive the imminent showdown and to reunite with her true love lies in her ability to separate Don Valiente's madness from the eternal truths in his teaching.

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More Details Other Editions 1. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Apr 25, Connie Jasperson rated it it was amazing. Today we revisit the old west as it never was, or as it may once have been in the cinematic universe.

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Walters is a bold, romantic journey into New Mexico, ca. But sh Today we revisit the old west as it never was, or as it may once have been in the cinematic universe.

He is wild, wise and completely committed to living The Code of the Caballeros. In one very moving scene, after Roz has been forced to kill a man in self defense, she sheds tears for her vanquished foe, wondering why he had to go and put himself in the position where she had to shoot him in self-defense. Don Valiente tells her that the path of the Caballero is full of compassion for the misguided souls he must usher into the next world.

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His spirituality is deep and is such a part of him that he has an enormous influence on his young apprentice. I myself have taken much of it to heart! His truths are universal, and as she begins to understand what he is trying to teach her, Roz begins to know who she is, and to be comfortable in her own skin. Roz is young, beautifully human and is just a girl who is caught up in something that is so much larger than she is.

Her motives are simple and honest.

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In reading this book, I felt every one of of Roz's trials and sorrows as if they were my own. She's an unlikely hero, but she is the sort of hero that made the legends of the old west come to life. The bad-guys are awesome, in part because they aren't all men. Leta, Kruger and the Beast have few redeeming qualities, and they are quite frightening. I never knew what they would do next. They are as nasty and evil as any villains I've ever met. This tale has everything--Romance, danger,spirituality and great well-drawn characters, both good and bad, that leap off the page.

The scenery is gorgeous and the atmosphere is moody and mysterious. I liked this book so much I bought the paperback as well as the Kindle version. I have read everything both Mary W.

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Walters and John A. Aragon have written in their separate careers, and think their considerable skills are magnified in this tale of good and evil.

The story haunted my dreams the night I finished reading it, and that is the mark of an awesome book! Apr 01, Harv Griffin rated it really liked it Recommends it for: if you like off-beat westerns. Shelves: own , reviewed. Walters When I knew John Aragon he was a semi-pro rugby player who occasionally beat me at chess.

Now, John is a trial lawyer, a novelist, and he is so good at chess that I may as well just tip over my king now. Actually, I do know: that he can clobber me at chess is worse. This puppy just may be one.

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For me, this novel improved as I got further into it. The free sample just barely got me to buy it; then, the story slowly grew on me. Good job, John! The eBook version irritated me because many of the apostrophes were rendered as opening single quotes curly facing the wrong way. I know from experience with my own eBooks, that automatic software conversion programs get these wrong; and that it is hard to hunt down every occurrence and fix them all.

Possibly, they proofed in a font with straight quotes, where the problem would not show up. Apr 13, Jim Bernheimer rated it really liked it. I am into acrylic pours and oil paintings on canvas. A multidisciplinary artist, award-winning author, and professional coach, Gabriela considers life as a self-discovery journey worth exploring. While her career started in engineering, her cr Jennylynd earned a Ph. As a literature teacher and a writer, I am in love with the art of creating stories.

I truly believe in the power of words. Words not only have the capacity to communicate knowledge about th Writer and comedian Carolyn Bennett cut her teeth performing at Yuk Yuks and hasn't stopped bleeding since. The Art Show is held the 2nd weekend of November each year. Invisible Publishing produces cool and contemporary Canadian fiction, creative non-fiction, and poetry.

As a not-for-profit publisher, we are committed to publishing diverse voices and stori Disciplines: Literary. I performed in a devised, narrative, abstract piece of theatre; Amanah. Our show has been viewed by many around Ontario. Weir is a contemporary Afro-Caribbean emerging artist who wants to make bold, cultural and place-making marks in her new home, Canada, through writing and visual art.

Kareen is also a recent Sentir Venezuela Cultural Group, a Toronto-based non-profit organisation that expresses, promotes and encourages interest in Venezuelan customs and traditions, mainly through Venezuelan musi My name is Aislinn and I am an artist! I love art. I love getting my hands dirty, I love the smell of a freshly sharpened pencil, I love a white canvas, and am in awe and sometimes su I love books, working with kids, and connecting the former with the latter.

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