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Edina students tackle pressures that drive girls out of sports.

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Florida teen arrested in plot to have someone kill parents -

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Alaska teen allegedly killed friend after man online offered her $9 million

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Does it depend upon situations and scenarios? Are we all born killers who repress our urges, or must we break down social and psychological barriers before we can take a life? These are questions people have been trying to answer for centuries. There are many different kinds of killers.

What Does It Feel Like to Kill Someone?

There are mentally unstable killers who display psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies. These people appear to have limited resistance to killing if they have any at all. Then there are assassins and hit men who kill either for profit or to maintain status within a group. There are those who kill out of self-defense.

And there are the soldiers whose job includes killing enemies in combat. Is there a common element among all these types of killers?

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Or does each category have its own special circumstances? There's a great deal of debate over the issue. A soldier likely would object to being placed in the same category as a serial killer.

The stories of four people who directly caused someone else's death in one way or another.