Manual Serious Traffic: Grow Your Income by Growing Your Audience

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Affiliate marketing networks are essentially online marketplaces where retailers list their products and affiliates can find products to sell.

How to Get More Traffic to Your Blog: A Guide to Reaching More People

The marketing network acts as a middleman. As the affiliate, you should never have to pay to sign up for an affiliate marketing network. Here are a few of the more popular affiliate networks out there, but there are so many more than this:. Want to start your own affiliate program?

Affiliate Royale makes it ridiculously easy! This WordPress plugin lets you launch a fully-functioning affiliate program from start to finish in just a few minutes. You can use MonsterInsights to easily track the performance of your affiliate products on a WordPress site. Then, connect your WordPress site with your Google Analytics account. There are several sections to the tab. Once you make these changes, it can take at least 24 hours for Google Analytics to begin reporting.

Tracking your affiliate links in this way can help you understand which products perform better with your audience which can help you provide better products to them in the future. This will keep them coming back to you time and again. If you want your affiliate links to be shorter and more memorable, you should look into a link tracking plugin like Pretty Links. Pretty Links is super easy to use and turns those long, not-so-pretty affiliate links into something readable. Plus, Pretty Links makes it easy to brand and advertise your affiliate links, manage server-side redirects, and has built-in performance metrics so you always know how your links are doing.

There you have it, folks. You now know how to generate passive income with affiliate marketing.

The 5 Stages of Blog Growth: How Your Traffic Tactics Should Change as You Grow

To continue driving traffic to your site, be sure to check out these expert SEO tips! Check us out on Facebook , Twitter , and YouTube! This is really helpful! Thanks for sharing your journey!! I saw you had the Thirsty Affiliates plugin on your dashboard. I love that plugin.

Manual Serious Traffic: Grow Your Income by Growing Your Audience

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Share Tweet Share Shares Jacinda Santora is a writer specializing in ecommerce and growth marketing. She prides herself on her ability to make complicated things easier. When she isn't writing you can find her daydreaming about campervans, drinking coffee, and listening to podcasts. They have a fairly high spend. This is how I made blogging work in my small way, in a massively competitive commercial energy market where my customers get seven phone cold calls a day but stay with me:. I had email opt in links and simple opt in forms all over the place on my crappy looking blog.

I thought around the problem of marketing to this sector and focused all my SEO key phrase efforts on the energy tax problem and the energy reclaim opportunity instead of trying to just sell energy like all the other cliched salesy types do. I rarely blog at all now. My next post is going out to them today. Kyle, thanks for this sound advice.

in the Instagram Ivy League you'll learn how to:

My action today is to make a one minute podcast and send this to my existing audience email subscribers first. Now its off to make the podcast. Thanks again. Tightly-targeted audience, high-quality free download, email marketing, SEO, etc. I think that goes to show how some factors are more important than others, and also that it is all audience-dependent. At the end of the day, as long as a blogger a makes content that a specific audience will find valuable and b markets it in such a way to make sure those people see it, everything else is straightforward. I hope your wife gets well soon.

Very interesting study. It would be interesting to know how would this look with or or bloggers but the data definitely points to the conclusions I have about blogging. And I love the split between less than 50k and more than 50k.

That is a good threshold for when things start to get interesting. This is a very detailed case study about how bloggers and what really works. I have made aome income from my blog but I really could use more.

Thanks for this valuable information. Thanks for commenting and good luck! Very interesting! I spent so much time and energy working up to 10k followers on Instagram and it has brought relatively little traffic to my blog and I hardly get any affiliate sales from it. And Twitter is even worse. Thanks for the comment, Niki.

Facebook will almost certainly eventually reduce organic reach on Instagram the same way they did on Facebook itself years ago, and when that happens I think we will hear about a lot of unhappy IG influencers. On the other hand, a direct relationship with an audience via your own blog and email list is something that no single company can simply flip a switch and take away from you. So I think the smart play is to take advantage of social media if you can, but not to become too reliant on any single network — and always try to push them to your own property for future engagement.

Kyle, this is a great case study. I am so glad that I am among the few that publishes podcast episodes regularly. I find it hard to believe that some bloggers think that it is harder to get traffic from Google.


It could well be that the latest algorithms, especially the one last year on mobile PSI, requires decluttered blogging practices. In fact, this is, most likely, only a reflection of what the mobile user expects from any blog a great page speed. They could potentially be sitting on a goldmine if they spent more time analysing these statistics.

Thanks, Alvern! I have a few thoughts on why some bloggers say getting traffic from Google has gotten more difficult. Another aspect is that Google has been giving featured snippets and instant answers prominent placement on more searches, leading more people to have their query answered right there on the Google results page without having to click through to another site in order to get it. Thanks again for your thought-provoking comment and also for your suggestion — I plan to repeat this survey next year so I will definitely keep it in mind.

No throwing spaghetti at a wall to hope it will stick!

This article is incredibly valuable for its insight into the things higher-income bloggers do differently, and supports the need for all bloggers to have a strategy for how they will approach different areas of their business. I also appreciate that you point out the difference in correlation and causation because all too often I see clients take a study like this and assume causation- and then take action according to that assumption.