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Then you can search for any relevant tweets you want to include. Add them to your Moment, click Publish and you're good to go. For everyone who wants to make a Moment — starting today you can!

Creators everywhere can now tell stories with Tweets. For brands and other publishers, much may not change. Perhaps there will be more competition to be featured in the "official" Moments Twitter highlights. Or perhaps it will free up Twitter Moments curators' time to focus more on quality control. It shouldn't be a threat to professionals who were already using Moments to curate their own stories and interact with users in a new way.

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Interestingly, Twitter brought the feature over to the public in the middle of acquisition rumors. Will the new interactive way for everyone to use the platform show potential Twitter buyers how much users can get out of their experience? Will anyone take the time to carefully curate personal catalogs of tweets? Twitter Moments could usher in a new era of hands-on social media. From one of my all-time favorite authors, this gentle book describes the sounds, smells and feelings of a summer visit from family, complete with snores, strawberries and lots of hugs.

Perfect for making connections to family gatherings and a great anchor for writing. Salt Hands — Jane Aargon. She pours salt in her hand and waits for the deer to trust her.

Moments In Time: A Collection of Short Fiction by Dominic K. Alexander

A perfect description of a special moment when a human and animal touch. Simple, cautious and quiet. Owl Moon — Jane Yolen. A young girl and her dad spend magical moments searching for owls one clear winter night. This is another quiet, patient book that is filled with sensory images, similes and gorgeous descriptions. Shortcut — Donald Crews. This book tells the story of a group of children who, despite what they have been told, get the thrill of a lifetime when they take the short cut along the railroad tracks — and a train comes!

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Fireflies — Julie Brincoe. Catching fireflies on a warm summer night. Discovery, magic, joy — read this book with quiet whispers.

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It is a truly magical moment to inspire some magical moment writing. The sights and sensations of a rainy day.

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Lovely language, vibrant illustrations. Every Friday — Dan Yaccarino. Simple description of favorite days, favorite routines, and family bonding. Every Friday, a young boy and his dad have a regular walk together and then eat the same pancakes at the same diner. A great book for getting students to think about their own family routines.

Lovely illustrations and gentle rhythm.

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Love this book for making connections. Blackout — John Rocco.

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  • Moments In Time: A Collection of Short Fiction;

One hot summer night in the city, the power goes off. OH NO! What can we do? No computers! No play station! No cooking on the stove! No lights!

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It turns out, spending the evening on the rooftop with the neighbours and watching the night sky is better than video games! And there you have it! Leave a comment.