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Iowa has a rich history , but some of it is a little unsettling. As the name suggests, this unassuming home was the site of a gruesome murder. In , six members of the Moore family who owned the home and two visitors were bludgeoned to death. Axe wounds were also found on each, giving rise to the home's name. The murderer was never found, and today, visitors report bedroom doors opening and shutting on their own, unexplained sensations of being slapped or pinched and odd chills.

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Flickr photo by Jo Naylor. As with any plantation, this home has a difficult history. Yet the ghosts who haunt the grounds of the estate now a bed and breakfast have a friendly presence to those who have seen them over the years—the most famous of which is Chloe, a slave who had been murdered after a tragic accident. Dating back to , this historic house is believed to still be the home of two families Visitors have heard disembodied voices and witnessed items move on their own.

And you thought you were stressed out when visitors came over your house.

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Flickr photo by Andrew Aliferis. You're probably familiar with the story of Lizzie Borden, who was tried for killing her family with an axe. Before Lizzie and her family moved in, a distant relative occupied the home and murdered her children in the property's well. Some have reported hearing the children playing on the top floor of the home, while others have experienced their sheets flying off their beds. So many ghosts, so little time. At this historic home-turned-inn, visitors have seen the ghosts of the original owners Frank and Mary Henderson , that of a veteran of the Spanish-American War, a little girl and a dog.

These spirits also try to communicate to the living through unplugged radios. Flickr photo by Richard Dinda. Currently a restaurant, this stately home was the former residence of local magnate Joseph Forepaugh and his wife, Molly. They weren't exactly a happy couple — in , Molly discovered Joseph in bed with their maid.

When Molly who was also pregnant with their child tried to end the marriage, Joseph shot himself. Molly was so upset that she hanged herself. Today, visitors have reported seeing the couple in the dining areas.

11 Extremely Haunted Places In Alaska You Won’t Dare To Visit

Molly is the more active spirit, however. She's apparently been known to smash glasses and bang on walls. Photo by Elkman via Wikimedia Commons. Though it's a little difficult to see, McRaven is considered to be the most haunted house in the state and apparently the third in the country.

Thousands have reported paranormal activity at the home, which had once served as a Confederate hospital. Adding to the infamous reputation, a few owners have died—and one murdered—in the home. Flickr photo by TravelingOtter. Once the home of the wealthy Lemp family, this mansion is now an inn. The family had a number of tragedies , with a number of personal misfortunes and mysterious deaths. Visitors to the inn have reported supernatural incidents , such as hearing a piano that only plays a single note repeatedly through the night, the sensation of odd vibrations from the floor and seeing strange things in their photographs.

Flickr photo by Paul Sableman. Some guests of the inn have experienced a "ghostly presence" in the ballroom. When Nevada's first family is home, they just might be sharing their residence with the spirits of the very first first family of the state. Others have also witnessed the ghostly forms of a woman and a young girl who wander the property with an antique clock.

The Captain met his demise prematurely after being poisoned by a jealous neighbor, which is perhaps why he still haunts the premises. Many report hearing phantom piano music and seeing doors mysteriously open. Flickr photo by Ali Eminov. Though this historic photo shows the house decades ago, Henniker's "Ocean-Born Mary House" still stands today as a private residence.

However, one of the residents just might be Mary herself, who is described as a ghost with bright green eyes. Mary's life was defined by notorious pirate Captain Don Pedro, who had initially spared her young life in during a raid.

Alaska has a lot going on right now.

After losing her first husband, the pirate came back to marry her years later. One day, while living in the grand home, she stumbled upon the murdered remains of her first husband.

Flickr photo by The Denver Public Library. Nicknamed the "Spy House," this historic site dates back to and was famously used as a tavern during the revolutionary war.

Ghost sightings include a "woman in white," mysterious sobbing noises and a sea captain. This grand old mansion is home to a friendly spirit — the ghost of Josefita Otero , who had lived in the home until her death in Josefita oversaw the renovations to her mansion when she was alive, and might have grown so fond of the place that she decided to stick around through the decades. Now a restaurant, you can perhaps run into Josefita in "The Spirit Lounge.

Flickr photo by teofilo. Type keyword s to search. Today's Top Stories. The Ultimate Guide to Walkway Materials. Getty Images. Library of Congress. Alabama: Sweetwater, Florence. Alaska: Begich Towers, Whittier. Richard Cummins Getty Images. Arizona: The Rosson House, Phoenix. Arksansas: Peel Mansion, Bentonville. Harvey Meston Getty Images. California: Whaley House, San Diego. Delaware: Woodburn Mansion, Dover. Barry Winiker Getty Images.

Georgia: Rhodes Hall, Atlanta.

Yukon Paranormal, Episode 1- Carcross- The ghosts and hauntings of the Caribou Hotel

Local Wiki. Idaho: "The Murder House," Boise. Illinois: McPike Mansion, Alton.

Wikimedia Commons. Indiana: Nicholson-Rand House, Indianapolis. Kansas: The Sallie House, Atchison. Stephen Saks Getty Images. Kentucky: Liberty Hall, Frankfort.

Red Onion Saloon, Skagway for a Risqué Encounter

Louisiana: The Myrtles Plantation, St. Maryland: Hager House, Hagerstown. Dennis K. Johnson Getty Images. Aside from the apparitions, other strange and unexplained incidents that have been reported include loud banging noises, mysterious knocking and the disembodied voice of a young girl.

Some people have also claimed to have seen doors and curtains opening and closing on their own late at night! Fairbanks Memorial Hospital is one of the most haunted places in Alaska. It is said that whenever an infant patient is close to death mysterious spirits appear in the nursery wing. Nurses from the hospital have suggested that these are angels sent to guide the children to the next life. They are generally perceived to be good spirits. Other strange phenomena include plunging temperatures and the sound of babies crying coming from empty room.