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Bach was radical for his time because he strongly believed that most illnesses were caused by an imbalance of the mind and emotions. Richard Gerber relates the following story about how Bach first discovered the healing power of flowers:.

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As he stopped in front of a particular flower, he suddenly became overwhelmed with strong emotions that seemed to come from outside himself. Based on an intuitive hunch, Bach spread some of the morning dew that had collected upon the flower directly on his lips. As the dewdrops from the flowers touched his mouth, the strong emotion quickly vanished, returning him to his previous state of calm. It appeared that Bach could sense from different flowers the kind of emotional disturbances which each specimen was capable of neutralizing and rebalancing.

Flower essences, along with other vibrational medicine modalities, influence these subtle energy fields. I admit I have some difficulty grasping the full significance of knowing myself as a light being.

Sound Healing What Is It and How Does It Work?

However, I can fully relate to the physical and emotional impact of sound vibrations, and in particular the power of music. Each music genre, each melody, each note carries a unique vibrational signature, which influences the energy and emotional state of living beings. Try it out. How does this music influence your energy? Pay particular attention to the reaction in your heart:. These vibrations carry me to an indescribable place that sets me dancing around the room, if only in my mind.

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At times our being craves upbeat music, other times meditative and quiet. Sound vibrations engage our souls. Flower vibrations work in similar ways. When called upon, our flower relations activate this inner healer. Yet another beautiful example of how the land has our backs. If a flower frequency is not the right one, the Higher Self recognizes it as such and it is not admitted to our energetic system.

Because of this subtle nature, one does not need to be concerned about overdosage, side effects, or incompatibility with other treatments. Thus, Flower Remedies are safe and available to everyone. In contrast, Dr. Agrimony Hidden, tortured mental state. Worried and restless due to churning thoughts. Authentic, radiantjoyfulness. Apsen Fearful for no known reasons. Sweating and trembling accompanies fear. Strong inner confidence and calmly tuned into the higher spiritual spheres. Beech Critical of others, intolerant and lonely. Centaury Timid and weak willed, leading to low vitality.

Integrate well into groups without loses sense of self. Keenly aware of inner needs and motives. Cherry Plum Fear of insanity. Desparte, violent impulses and suicidal. Chestnut Bud Impatient, negative, lacks ability to learn from mistakes, tries to forget past. Attentive active learner from experience and others.

Chicory Bossy, argumentative, greedy, discontent and domineering. Able to love others without expecting something in return, offering warmth, kindness, and security. Clematis Obsessive daydreaming and planning. Crab Apple Tormented by dirt and filth. Healthy perspective. Able to move beyond limited mental concepts and see things from a higher, broader perspective. Elm Sudden hopelessness through too much stress and overwork. Grounded awareness of inner needs while knowing higher help arrives when needed.

Able to see the light in the darkness. Gorse Dark melancholy. Lack of ambition and vision due to hopelessness. Carry a strong belief that recovery comes from the inside. Never say never. Heather Vanity. Rapid incessant talk and self-centered control of conservations. Holly Aggressive, tendency to dominate. Impatient and irritable.

Divine love. Heart is fully open, able to suffer and to love unconditionally. Honeysuckle Stagnation due to constant focus on past. Homesickness or chronic nostalgia. Pessimistic outlook. Able to accept change.

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  • Able to meaningfully integrate the past it into the present, and move forward in a positive, life-nurturing way. Hornbeam Tired and weary mentally and physically. Not engaged in work, daily routine or work. Energetically balanced. Equal attention is given to spiritual, mental, physical and emotional planes. Impatiens Impatient and irritable.

    Easily angered and frustrated, when things move slowly. Patient and diplomatic. Gentle understanding that everyone goes at their own pace has a role to play. Larch Inferiority complex. Lack of confidence.

    'Sound Healer' Roger Ansanelli picks up good vibrations in Hoboken

    Realistic confidence. Not bounded by self-limiting concepts. Mimulus Fear of the unknown. Gives energy to negative outcomes instead of creating desired future. Senistive yet courageous.

    Good Vibrations: The Healing Power of Sound [Interview with Shanti Sounds]

    Accepts sensitivity as a gift. Mustard Deep depression caused by hopelessness. Strong inner stability that enables one to set own tone, regardless of situation. Oak Over emphasis on success. I was part of the healing prayer ministry and believed this to be true, but in this situation I was actually able to experience that it was true.

    In this experience with your friend, you resolved a potential conflict between your role as a nurse and what was right for you spiritually. Have you faced that potential conflict in other situations? Many times! There was another big lesson around this issue involving this same friend who died.

    Reiki and Sound Healing

    When I first learned of her diagnosis with a very serious and usually fatal illness, I wanted to mobilize a community support system to assist her in coping with her illness. My training as a nurse had taught me how important this was.

    Months later, I was able to see the wisdom of his guidance. My friend had been told that she probably had only about eighteen months to live. She was frightened and in shock, and her aura was weak, which made her susceptible to becoming even more ill from the negative, fearful thoughts of others. After taking a few months to become stronger in her mind and in her attunement with her Guru, she was able to share her situation with others without their fears weakening her resolve to fight as a spiritual warrior.

    By giving full energy to her spiritual practices, she lived another ten years with vitality and joy.