Guide Ghosts of Staten Island: The Haunted Locations of Staten Island, New York City

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And no, I don't mean the dried noodle-in-a-cup variety that I subsisted on in college. Although, I still. We won't call this list definitive, because rooftops are, after all, all about spontaneity. And, with three summer months to get your toes wet literally. Haircuts are kind of like jeans. Whether you recently got engaged, or you're already well into the wedding-planning process, there's one thing no bride-to-be should have to stress over:. NYPD captain Peter Rose has angered rape advocates after saying "acquaintance rape" cases are not as serious as rapes committed by strangers.

For some New York City residents, "heading home for the holidays" means taking the 1 train back uptown to a tiny apartment and cooking a festive feast. Your Name. Your Email. Submit Review. Email address. Your Phone Number. Leave a message.

Top 5 Haunted Places of NYC – No Ghosts

Email: Name:. Fields marked with a star are required. Her spirit is said to still haunt the club grounds, and some say her footsteps can be seen leading into the woods when it snows. A witness reported a chilling experience on East Lake Road which took place in late autumn.

13 of Staten Island's most haunted places (updated)

He reports seeing two women—one young, one older—walking along the road in 18th-century clothing and stopping to try to help them. Terrified, he stepped on the gas and sped away as fast he Bannerman Castle Beacon, NY. Pollepel Island was long held to be haunted by the Native Americans indigenous to the area, a belief which was propagated by Dutch sailors. For most of its history the island remained uninhabited, but in Francis Bannerman began construction on a castle to be used as a massive storeroom for his armory.

Construction was still not complete when Bannerman died in and ceased Located on the grounds of the s Van Schaick Mansion, more than 50 relatives of the Van Shaick family are now buried in this cemetery. After falling into disarray, the cemetery was restored in by Eagle Scouts. Passersby report seeing both male and female apparitions, as well as hearing ghostly voices through the cemetery gates.

Tours of the grounds are available to the public at Tours of the home are offered regularly and visitors are always welcome during operating hours. Some of those who visit the house report being overcome by a strange sadness and cold feeling in the dining room as well as Mrs. Medaille College Buffalo, NY. Founded in as a school specializing in the training of teachers, Medaille College has expanded in scope and size to become the liberal arts school that stands today.

Not all of the campus residents are living students, however; some of them are the ghosts of students past! The Walnut West Apartments in Camillus are said to be haunted, and new residents allegedly move out very quickly. Now a historic museum open for private tours, the McGarrah Stagecoach Tavern Inn was an active inn during the s.

Visitors have reported seeing the spirit of a man wearing a top hat and dark suit walking around the building. Some have also experienced cold spots in the old inn.

Haunted New York houses? Creepy tales of NYC’s past

The Wellscroft Lodge is an Tudor Revival style mansion built with 22 rooms in the Adirondacks which, as the name implies, operated as a lodge for some time. It is no longer open to the public, but past guests report having had creepy experiences while in the lodge. A mysterious Lady in Red was seen appearing on the stairs, and has also manifested in front of the windows.

In it was determined to be years old, making it the oldest known tree in all of Manhattan. The site was allegedly used for corporal punishment during the s, and may have been used as an Indian burial ground prior to that. Witnesses say they Before the popular bar, the land was the place of a hospital in the late 19th century. In , the hospital burnt to the ground and in the s a new facility was built to operate as a speakeasy during Prohibition.

Those to perished here are said to continue to haunt the property. There have been reports of ghostly figures dressed in 19th century clothing roaming the bar as well as Calaboose Grille Owego, NY. The Calaboose Grille occupies a building that was built over a century ago to be the Owego Town Jail.

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Its foundation was laid down by prisoners on a chain gang, and some say that a few of the prisoners have stayed behind. Details are scarce, but the building is rumored to be haunted by the spirits of those who built it. Jaquins Pond Clymer, NY. All three bridges are said to be haunted by a bus driver named George, who killed himself after his a little boy died on his bus in a vehicular accident.

Elmira College Elmira, NY. Two buildings on the Elmira College campus are rumored to be haunted. The Rapids Theater in Niagara Falls is an events center and concert venue that has been open to the public since It is said to be haunted by the ghost of an actress who committed suicide in the building some decades ago. Patrons and performers have seen doors open and close on their own, unexplained lights, and apparitions on stage.

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There have also been strange noises including The Algonquin Hotel, located a short distance from Times Square, was a popular hangout and destination for the literary community during the s. Apparently some members of the Circle still like to frequent the Miles Wine Cellars in Himrod is a winery, inn, and wedding venue that fully embraces its haunted history. A pair of spirits has been known to cause minor troubles around the house, slamming doors, moving objects, and waking the current owner in the middle night by pressing on his back.

The ghostly couple has at times been seen embracing on the porch, and one of the two will appear on New York Pizzeria in Lowville serves the town fresh pizza in a slightly more upscale environment. Evidently one of the local spirits must really like the restaurant, as he has taken up residence in the building.

The third floor, which is said to have been an apartment at one point, has given many visitors the sensation of being pushed or feeling of an unusual presence. It served the public and World War II soldiers. While the grounds now include a mostly demolished buildings, spirits are believed to haunt the grounds. Tragic events occurred here, including a year-old boy who died falling down a foot shaft while The Canfield Casino was a popular resort and casino for the wealthy during the late 19th century and remained so until anti-gambling laws put an end to its original business in the early 20th century.

Today it is used as a dining hall which can be rented for weddings and other special events. If you decide to rent the building out, however, be warned that there may be a few uninvited Hollenbeck Cemetery Ellicott , NY.


With only about 25 plots, it has been many years since the Hollenbeck Cemetery had a new grave. Those who have already been buried, however, seem to keep the cemetery plenty active on their own. Visitors have reported seeing a ghostly woman in white, floating orbs, tombstones which were stolen in , and a headless horseman. Some have also heard babies crying, knocking sounds, and Some decades ago accounts vary on exactly when a newlywed couple was driving down the winding path that is Cedarvale Road.

While driving around one of the curves for which the street has been given its local nickname, 13 Curves Road, the car veered out of control into a nearby creek; neither the bride nor the groom survived the crash.

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  • Since that fateful day, motorists have reported The chapel, which stands atop lands once used for the Garrett and Company winery, is rumored to be haunted by three spirits: a priest, a boy and a woman The Christ Episcopal Church dates back to and has ties to previous church buildings from as far back as the mid 18th century.

    It is said to be haunted by several ghosts, including a disembodied face which floats in the air and laughs joyfully. Another spirit is that of an older female parishioner dressed in Sunday clothes who often sits on a pew halfway back. There is a third ghost McCarren Park was established over a century ago and recently underwent massive renovations.

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    • Visitors have reported feeling cold spots, seeing orbs, and hearing voices. The park is also said to be the site of three deaths; one man was allegedly murdered here, and two drowned after sneaking into a pool after Lucille Ball Little Theatre was founded in and has been entertaining Jamestown ever since. Evidently some patrons love the Little Theatre so much that they never left!

      Reports of ghostly activity include objects going missing, sudden chills, and white orbs appearing in photographs. Staff members report being alone in the building and hearing their names called from the library, and Alfred University Alfred, NY. Alfred University was founded in as a small college and has since expanded both its curriculum and campus.