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Jeff Miller is a zine publisher and writer. He began writing in with an Ottawa zine called Otaku , which later changed its name to Ghost Pine following his move to Montreal in Miller was born and grew up in Ottawa , where he began writing on the hardcore punk scene in the mids, but has lived in Montreal on and off since , and has remained in the city since the mids.

He is also involved in the writing workshop Soulgazers and speaks at events like Expozine , an annual fair for that brings together about creators linked to small presses, comics and zines. Miller has spoken about the future of paper-print publishing. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This article has multiple issues. Please help improve it or discuss these issues on the talk page. Learn how and when to remove these template messages. This biography of a living person relies too much on references to primary sources. Please help by adding secondary or tertiary sources. Rachel Thomas swept her long, tousled brown bangs out of her eyes.

She steadied her hands on the steering column as she raced away from the haunted house where she had grown up. Plagued by the spirits of an unknown entity that had dwelled in her home for more than ten years, she had managed to accept her paranormal existence in a world where most people had never heard of such things. Maybe there were many more people just like her who were afraid to talk about real life hauntings. But this was a time of new beginnings, the beginning of the rest of her life when the hopes and dreams of the past could become the realities of the future.

If she could put the hauntings to rest, she could concentrate on what was before her. In just two weeks, she would be starting classes as a freshman at Riverside Community College.

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Riverside was a small town college nestled near a centuries old river where Indigenous people once lived and played. The river had a history that seemed to stretch as far as its mile long waters, but it was a history of prosperity, tragedy, and death that still lived on in legendary ghost tales. Rachel drove her silver Buick Regal into the front parking lot that faced her future home.

Kendall Hall was one of eight dormitories for housing students. She turned the ignition off, pushed the door open with her foot, and got out of the car. She stretched her hands above her head and stood still for a moment as she surveyed the empty parking lot and vacant grounds surrounding her. She thought about the first day of classes and how congested the campus would become.

With more than 3, students attending college at Riverside, the odds of finding an empty space close to classrooms would be next to impossible. Moving in would take a couple of hours. She contemplated the number of trips it would take to haul several loads of her personal belongings up the stairs. And although the housing department had already guaranteed that the room would be ready to move in, she hesitated to unload anything before checking it out.

Rachel walked toward the glass front entrance and opened the door. Rachel slowly walked straight ahead to the stairwell entrance that led to the second floor. The air near the stairwell was stuffy and hot causing her to cough, and the smell of fresh paint stung her nose. She stepped forward onto the bottom steps and began to climb the stairs. First the bottom steps and then a turn to climb the last stairwell to the top. She stopped at the last step and pulled another door open that led to the second floor hallway.

The steel door was heavy and creaked loudly as she opened it.

Cometbus & Ghost Pine in Toronto!

The bottom of the doorplate slid across the floor, creating a long and creepy noise that echoed down an empty hall. She glanced into the hallway before her and stepped forward letting her fingers slowly release the door as it closed shut, its spring mechanisms creating the sound of metal on metal. Rachel stood still, her body rigid but fully aware of her surroundings. Her bare arms were covered in goosebumps as she tried to rub them away, but just then a loud bang echoed from the right end of the hall.

She jerked around and faced the source of the noise only to observe an empty space. It never failed.

Ghost Pine-All Stories True

If there was an otherworldly spirit present wherever she went, it always seemed to find her. Her breath seemed to hang in her throat, and she had to remind herself to breathe. She took a long, deep breath and closed her eyes for a moment. She then turned back around, brushed off her fears as best as she could and walked straight toward the left end of the hall where her dorm room was located. She stopped in front of the door and reached for the silver doorknob. She twisted it to the left and pushed the door open, eager to get inside and settle in.

The room was painted a blinding white with white mini-blinds, two dull, steel gray bunk beds, and a white tile floor. Inside the double closet was a small chest of drawers also painted white. And against the inside wall and facing the hallway was a built-in desk with shelves.

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Painted white. Rachel let out a sigh. The place felt like a hospital room or worse a morgue minus the cold air. She walked over to the window beside the two bunkbeds and noticed that it was locked tight. She fidgeted with the locks, snapping them back and forth. Four girls with one bathroom. That should be interesting. As she became swept away with the thought of college life and living in a dorm with her closest friends, she forgot about her unease just minutes before.

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And although her dorm room offered anything but a cozy feeling, she relished in the idea of college living. She surveyed the room, deciding which bunkbed would be hers.

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Which side of the room would be hers for decorating? Closet space and desk space?

She was silently considering it all when the abrupt sound of a door slamming shut brought her back to the present. She stood just inside the door that Rachel had left standing open. Rachel whirled around and faced her new roommate who stared back at her with a bright, toothy smile and crystal blue eyes. Rachel smiled with a slightly startled look and responded. Josie let out a boisterous, nasal laugh and nodded.

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Oh, this is the closet space, huh? Are you a heavy sleeper? How do you like the room temperature? I sleep like a bear and love a cool room. Rachel smiled. Rachel nodded. Instead, her face turned pale. She felt as if the blood had just drained out of her body as her legs became weak. A strange silence lingered as she stared into the eyes of Josie Norton. Pale blue eyes that now seemed to flicker with a curiosity destined for danger.