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Goodie Mob is my passion, the core of me, the fight, the struggle. I'm still as much of an underdog as I ever was, and my music is still as anti-establishment as it ever was.

I want to satisfy that rebel side. It's not null and void. I'm a whole being, and I'm just coming back full circle.

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CeeLo Green. Music Me Passion Struggle. I always go for the underdog or the rogue or the rebel. Vanessa Kirby. Always Underdog Go Rogue. But if we continue in sin, and rebel and harden our hearts, we shall become so inured and fixed in it, that it will be natural, and we shall choose it from time to time.

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Elias Hicks. Time Choose Sin Will. I'm in favour of hipster androgyny: Any trend that permits men to rebel against strict gender rules of appearance is going to make the world a more expressive and sensitive place for all of us. Russell Smith. Men World Gender Place. I don't think of myself as a rebel; I just say what I think. Marjane Satrapi. Myself Think Say Just. I'm a real rebel with a cause. Nina Simone. Real Cause. The Rebel bullet that can kill me has not yet been molded. Philip Kearny. Me Bullet Been Molded. Man is the unnatural animal, the rebel child of nature, and more and more does he turn himself against the harsh and fitful hand that reared him.

Nature Man Animal Child. The cynic finds love with the idealist.

Retirement home rebels and dreamers pass the time in 'Wrinkles' clip

The rebel with the conformist. The social butterfly with the bookworm. They help each other balance their lives. Joyce Brothers. Love Butterfly Balance Help. If you want to enter hell, don't complain of the dark; you can't blame the world for being unfair if you start on the path of the rebel. Liu Xiaobo. You Path World Dark. In , she would earn another doctorate from Moscow State.

In St.

#BringThemHome Update: DREAMers Detained by ICE After Crossing Border

Petersburg, she was close friends with the writer Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn — an outspoken critic of the Soviet Union and communism who was forced into state detention camps for speaking up. Solzhenitsyn would later win the Nobel Prize for Literature in Petersburg University professors Gregory Seregin, Ph.

The obituary published by the Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics painted a similar portrait of bravery :. Olga dominated any gathering she was a part of, not through bluster and noise, but by virtue of her genius, will, charm, and charisma. In her own personal behavior and character, she maintained the highest standards; this, along with her extraordinary abilities and accomplishments, helped her become a great and influential mathematician, despite the great tragedy and the large, politically motivated obstacles she often had to overcome.

Over the course of her life, Ladyzhenskaya wrote several books and was at the forefront of research in partial differential equations and mathematical physics. Immediately after Askhabov's arrest, family members went to the local Russian military camp, where they were told the price of his freedom: three grenades and two Kalashnikov assault rifles.

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Such ransoms are typical in Chechnya, and few places are as well-armed, so the weapons were easily collected. But when they came back 30 minutes later, it was too late. A helicopter was just taking off, transferring Askhabov to Russia's main military base at Khankala, east of the Chechen capital, Grozny. The family returned, day after day. Each time, they were told to come back another time for "their" man. Then the Chechen prisoner they had freed shared disturbing news: He had seen and spoken with Askhabov, who had been tortured so badly he could not sit down.

The released prisoner said Askhabov didn't think he would survive another day of interrogation. It's an attitude Chechens say hasn't changed since the early 19th century, when the czar's commander of the Caucasus, Gen. Alexei Yermolov, sought to pacify the region with a clenched fist. A statue erected in his honor in downtown Grozny bore his quote: "There is no people under the sun more vile and deceitful than this one. And few here forget that Soviet leader Joseph Stalin deported the entire population to Central Asia in , claiming Chechens had collaborated with Nazi Germany.

Tens of thousands died before Chechens were allowed to return in That brutal history plays itself out today: "If you're a [Chechen] woman, they call you a sniper; if you're a man, you are a fighter," says Sara. Still, the family kept coming back to the Russian base, trying to secure Askhabov's release.

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We couldn't collect it," Sara says. In the end, with the help of local rebel contacts, they gathered eight sacks of ammunition, two shoulder-held grenade launchers, and three Kalashnikovs.

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After months of silence, earlier this year, someone with access to Khankala recognized Askhabov's name. He's on the red list," the informer told the family. He didn't know which of several mass graves might contain the remains. In late February, the family was quick to respond when news leaked out that a mass grave of some 50 people had been discovered near Khankala. A relative says Askhabov's dismembered body was the ninth to be exhumed, and bore evidence of torture.

Askhabov's hands were strung behind his back with wire; he wore a hood made of material from a Russian uniform; his gold-capped teeth were gone. I never saw anything like that," the relative says. Russian officials in Moscow, given a week to respond, were unable to provide an official statement on Askhabov's arrest, or to explain how his corpse ended up at Khankala.