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He's since taken to committing evil on serial killers and monsters, thus ultimately doing good by making them suffer with imprisonment.

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Crimson had Zophiel, who fell from grace after murdering an human even though her victim had it coming , being deprived of her powers and immortality to atone for her deed. She is allowed to return to Heaven after pulling an Heroic Sacrifice by Taking the Bullet for someone else. Imperfect Metamorphosis has Shinki and Sariel , rulers of their respective underworlds. Interestingly, Shinki's human appearance is a personal choice, one which Sariel did not share, leaving it as a gender-less energy being.

Also, and more plot relevant, is their sibling Azrael , of whom EX! Rumia is an avatar of. He was released by the Draconequi to fight on their side during their war with the Alicorns during which he played Evil Mentor to Discord ; while his fate is never shown, Word of God is that he was killed during the war though given the nature of the Alicorns, how "dead" he is is debatable or imprisoned in Hell as part of the peace treaty.

To futher this, it's revealed Fallen Alicorns are called Devils. Discord also qualifies, as his species, the Draconequi, are benevolent and work alongside the Alicorns, even though they're Good Is Not Nice. Discord fell ate his own brother and became an Evil Overlord. To drive the point home, it's revealed that Fallen Draconequi like Discord are known as Demons.

What Are Fallen Angels?

Eclipse's Nightmare Manacle, after she was redeemed, ultimately becomes one by using her chance to ascend to Alicorndom to instead escape to another universe. While not exactly evil, she still did something she knew was a very bad idea and would result in her fall. In the Frozen fanfic Sorry About The Mess [1] , this is true nature of both Grand Pabbie and The Mirror , although they both had very different reasons for why it happened Lucifer, in '' Goddess Reborn Chronicle ', who was once not the most favored angel but a part of God , the part that was the hope inherent in believing in God but grew so disgusted by his own laws that he began wishing for freedom , earning his fall and cementing him as the patron of the path of freedom and competition.

The Skesis and Mystics from The Dark Crystal are a very unusual example in that they're the split halves of angelic beings, the urSkeks. A group of urSkeks got kicked of their homeworld due to architectural plans and got stuck on Thra; longing to get back home, their ritual to purify themselves backfired and they got divided into dark and light halves.

Both halves lost their divine luminiscence and are prone to dying of old age, particularly the Skesis who have their bodies severely warped and deformed. In Bedazzled , the Devil or Lucifer as he was known then explains he was once God's favorite angel and was booted out of Heaven when he wanted some of the same adoration God received.

The two had since had a running wager on who could claim ten billion souls first; if Lucifer won he could reclaim his old place. Once Lucifer did get the ten billion souls first, but God denied him the win due to a technicality. There's a fallen angel in City of Angels.

He wasn't evil; he just wanted to experience human life. Then the protagonist falls And takes the plunge. Dogma is about two fallen angels, Bartleby and Loki attempting to return to heaven. A deleted scene implies that much of the evil and corruption seen in the fallen angels who became demons stemmed not from inherent evil but that which was brought to Hell by damned humans. Twisted and corrupted by the self-imposed torture of the damned, the fallen angels became what humans expected them to be.

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He Never Died revolves around a fallen angel who spends his life playing bingo and trying not to eat people. In Wings of Desire , angels Damiel and Cassiel are tired of being angels rather than human and just listening to the thoughts of humans without being part of what they see ad when Damiel falls for a French trapezist he decide it's time to fall and live as a human. His actor directly compared his experience in the year that follows to going through "the Seventh Circle of Hell.

The title characters in Time Bandits are low-ranking angels who went rogue in search of loot across space and time. Ironically, the villain played by David Warner is a Satanic Archetype , but he's not explicitly an example because the movie never specifies that he used to be an angel. The Angelwalk trilogy featured three protagonists—an angel who had almost joined the rebellion against heaven, a demon who almost didn't, and an angel who had never wavered.

Late in the middle book, Observer gets a chance at redemption —maybe—but doesn't take it. Possibly subverted in that it may be predestined that he can't. Careful; thinking about it too hard has broken many brains. When first touched by the coin, whether intentional or not, a Shadow of the Fallen enters the human, and either tempts or torments the possessed into willingly taking up the coin.

Anyone who holds the coins has the old-as-time Fallen acting as an adviser, they cease to age, and they get the ability to transform into a battle form that features things like super-strength and various pointy bits. The more mental fortitude and will you have the more control you have over the Fallen. Too weedy in the willpower department and they'll enslave you: stronger minds enter into a sort of partnership instead.

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The only way to get rid of them is to voluntarily give up the coin, which would generally happen after feeling genuine remorse. According to the author, the coins can be destroyed but doing so isn't smart. Right now the Fallen are "frozen in carbonite" and able to only interact with the world in a tiny way. If a mortal finds a means to destroy the coin then a Fallen is on Earth who can act to its hearts content. As it is by mortal choice the coin is destroyed, it isn't likely Heaven would directly smite the Fallen now.

The Order's leader got Harry to touch one of the coins via Batman Gambit , leaving him with a shade of the Fallen Laschiel in his mind trying to sway him to the Dark Side. However, Harry not only resisted the temptation for over four years, but ended up unintentionally turning the shade which he dubbed "Lash" into its own independent being, to the point where she pulled a Heroic Sacrifice out of love in order to protect Harry from serious brain damage.

The main Fallen Lucifer does exist as well. He gave the Denarians superpowered Hellfire twice for a task. And, considering the role of balance of Good and Evil, when a Fallen lied to Harry and it lead to Harry committing suicide, an archangel was the one to balance the scales. Since Heaven wouldn't go beyond the level of Hell's infraction, the Prince of Darkness is a top candidate one for the Fallen who lied to Harry. Also, in regards to Lucifer, the author has stated the thirty bound to the coins are the ones Lucifer feared turning on him eventually, so he put them in a position to cause both evil and disorder, and away from where he currently is.

Not only is Uriel effectively mortal for the duration, but should anything happen to Michael or should he violate the sanctity of the Grace, Uriel will become a Fallen himself.

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Anduriel, the leader's fallen and Lucifer's captain, isn't primarily a fighter but a spymaster. Dubbed the Master of Shadows by Santa Claus, he can listen through anything that casts a shadow that is not protected by a significant power. There's also the naagloshi, or skinwalkers. Although they're completely distinct from the Fallen, their backstories have significant overlap; they were semi-divine messengers of the Navajo Great Spirits, sent to teach humanity the Blessing Way. But they decided not to return to the spirit world when commanded, and became cursed, demonic entities.

His given last name in the first book is even Grigori. The rest of the cast is also fallen angels some loyal to Lucifer and some to the Throne - humans play only episodic roles.

In Torment there is even a whole high school for the Nephilim , that is children descended from angels or demons. In the series The Fallen by Thomas Sniegoski, fallen angels have children with humans, producing the half and half children called Nephilim. The main character Aaron is the son of Lucifer.

In Gene Stratton-Porter 's Freckles , a marvelous black feather causes Freckles to contemplate this trope: What if the angels of God are white and those of the devil are black? But a black one has no business up there.

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Maybe some poor black angel is so tired of being punished it's for slipping to the gates, beating its wings trying to make the Master hear! Live-Action TV. Doctor Who : In "Voyage of the Damned" , the starship Titanic contains robotic Hosts in the form of golden angels in white robes who are supposed to help passengers.

When they are activated by the villain to kill the survivors onboard the ship, they remove their haloes to use as weapons, with the posts that remain looking like devil horns. Crowley and his fellow demons in Good Omens , though Crowley says he didn't fall, he "sauntered vaguely downwards.

Hannibal : Dr. Hannibal Lecter isn't a literal example probably , but the concept of the Fallen Angel is the primary influence on how the show's version of this character is presented. Bryan Fuller : Mads Mikkelsen , the actor who plays Dr. It was slightly different than anything that's been done before and it also gives it a slightly more epic quality if you watch the show through the prism of, 'This is Satan at work, tempting someone with the apple of their psyche'. Obeah disguised as the janitor : I had a pretty bad fall. Maybe you've read about it That's what they call it.