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And yet, in the back of your mind, you wonder what side he's really on because Duncan toys with your own mind. Duncan's world is as interesting and engaging as ever. From the depths of the Shadowed headquarters, to the vast expanse of Maggie's mind, there isn't a location that I didn't enjoy.

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Each setting was perfect for the scene, and most of the time adding an extra special something to the reading experience. The dialogue between characters is just as witty and clever as ever, and I found myself laughing out loud. But other times, I experience emotion like I would in a movie, crying tears of joy and sadness.

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Soul Betrayed was a perfect ending to the series. I didn't have questions filled with rage, nor did I have thoughts of why Duncan did something in particular. I enjoyed seeing each piece of the puzzle fit together. I was lost in the story, from the first page to the last.

e-book Soul Possessed (The Life After Trilogy, Book 2)

I only wish that maybe there will be more from this world that Duncan created so magically. Sep 01, Fiona Wilson rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , reads. This is the last in the authors The Life After trilogy. As a trilogy you do need to read the first two books.

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Soul Betrayed finishes off the series extremely well. Following on from the end of Soul Possessed Maggie has to deal with the loss she encountered, as well as the betrayal from people she had put her love and trust in. This leads to her agreeing to go on a mission which is unlike any other she has gone on before. It is one which only she is able to do, no one else is suited for this part This is the last in the authors The Life After trilogy. It is one which only she is able to do, no one else is suited for this particular task.

In order to be fully prepared for her mission Maggie has to regain memories she thought were lost forever. Imagine losing your memory, and starting from scratch, making brand new memories. Your life moves on, with no clue as to what has happened on your past. You begin to live a new life without being held back by past mistakes. Then imagine suddenly regaining all those lost memories at once. Imagine the onslaught of emotions you may feel, the loss and hurt which may be there. Then you can begin to feel a little of what Maggie feels as she has to relive her past once again.

Those memories bring with them immense feelings, which Maggie has to attempt to work through at the same time as preparing for a mission which is a life or death one.

Should she fail it won't only be Maggie who suffers. She has the fate of everyone in her hands. The journey Maggie goes on is an extremely dangerous one. She has to lie to people she loves, trust people she is no longer sure she CAN trust, and she has to face up to the fact that she may fail in her endeavours. Once again the author pulled me into the story immediately, creating a world I could almost see in my head as I was reading, and one I honestly did not want to end. The ending! On finishing the book I had to message the author.


There is a question I had to have answered, but one which I cannot share as it is a huge spoiler. But suffice to say I loved, yet hated the ending. I don't actually mean I hated the ending, I just hate what had to happen in order to get there. Does Maggie succeed in her mission? Will there be even more losses along the way? What will she uncover, and discover, from her past?

And will she be able to live with herself once everything is over? As a series this is a highly recommended one from me. The world the author shares with us sucks you in and holds you there before spitting you out at the end desperate for more. I am extremely glad I have had the chance to read this series and I look forward to finding out what the author has to share with us in the future. Feb 13, Farrah rated it really liked it. A lovely conclusion to a wonderful series, Soul Betrayed was a great read.

Skill Level: Intermediate. Flexible Cardboard; Staples; Fiberfill. Crochet Hook: Mini Display - Steel 7 1. Maxi Display -Size F-5 3. Winter Wonderland Crochet Pattern. It is nearly impossible to build a snowman out of any type of snow other than packing snow — unless you are a crocheter! Add to Wishlist. USD 5. Sign in to Purchase Instantly.

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Explore Now. Buy As Gift. Overview Winter Wonderland Crochet Pattern It is nearly impossible to build a snowman out of any type of snow other than packing snow — unless you are a crocheter! Crochet allows for the construction by simply crocheting a ball of snow until it grows the desired size. Attempting to make a snowman out of yarn is extremely simple. No need to wait till it freezes!

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