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10 Things To Know Before You Kiss The Blarney Stone - Linda On The Run

Set in beautiful wooded countryside, just 8km 5 miles from Cork City, it is an ideal base to visit the many wonderful sights of Cork and Kerry. Steeped in history and magical charm, Blarney offers the visitor a host of wonderful things to do and places to discover. One of the finest things that impresses the first time visitor is the well preserved village square. Blarney is one of the few villages in Ireland which has such a fine amenity, and today it continues to be a focal point of village life.

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In Tudor style, the village has developed around the square which is owned and carefully maintained by Blarney Castle Estate. The catch though is the famous stone is at the top of the battlements and you have to lean over backwards to successfully kiss it. Over , people visit Blarney Castle each year.

Blarney Castle

Tickets can be purchased on the spot when you arrive, but there is a small discount for booking in advance online. However, it is possible to get to Blarney Castle from Dublin, as well. The Blarney Stone is about a three-hour drive from the Irish capital, which means six hours round trip or longer with traffic if you plan to return to Dublin on the same day.

Take the N8 south towards Cork and then follow the signs to Blarney. Given the distance from Dublin, it is difficult but not impossible to do using public transportation. The easiest way to get to the castle itself is via taxi from Cork.

There are also several Dublin-based companies that offer day tours and take groups to and from the Blarney Stone in a private coach bus. Not to be confused with Blarney Castle, Blarney House is a stately manor house that sits about yards away. The house can be visited during the summer and is an excellent example of a Scottish Baronial mansion from the late s.

Kissing the Blarney Stone and the Legend Behind It!

Irish souvenir hunters can find a huge selection of local gifts at Blarney Woollen Mills, a store built in a historic tweed factory. Tripsavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience. By using Tripsavvy, you accept our.

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Share Pin Email. If the Blarney Stone is a must on your trip to Ireland, it is best to travel there from Cork. This was not vandalism — it was bringing the latest scientific tools to bear on the origins of these monuments.

However, in this case, he doesn't seem to have published anything about the stone. During the midth century, Blarney Castle was an uninhabited semi-ruin, but visiting the stone was popular, and Heddle or another geologist or antiquarian must have collected a sample.

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At that time, the stone could only be accessed by hanging upside down from the battlements, so using a hammer to take a sample would have been a difficult acrobatic feat. Apart from our microscope slide, the only other one I'm aware of is in a monument at the University of Texas. However, this object seems to have its origins in a beer-fuelled party, and the genuineness of the fragment must be in doubt.

We don't know if kissing the microscope slide would have the same effect, although I have tried it. Topics Ireland.