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On September 7, , Elizabeth was born.

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Henry VIII was disappointed that she wasn't a male heir, and didn't attend her christening. He was however at least encouraged that Anne had given birth to a healthy child, as Catherine had suffered six miscarriages.


Not willing to back down from the Pope, in the next year Henry had Parliament pass the Act of Supremacy, effectively naming the monarch as leader of the Church of England, thus finalizing the split between England and the Roman Catholic Church. Anne was pregnant again the next year, but suffered a miscarriage. Scholars suggest that, because of the sores on the legs of Henry VIII and the fact that his wives suffered so many miscarriages, he suffered from syphilis. Early in , Catherine died, and Anne thought she had no more problems as to who was truly considered the Queen of England.

However a few weeks later, after learning that Henry had been seriously injured during a jousting match, Anne gave birth to a stillborn boy.

Strange Facts About Anne Boleyn

He now had a fancy for one of her ladies-in-waiting, Jane Seymour. About this time, talk that Anne was really a witch and ascended to the throne via witchcraft circulated throughout England. Cromwell decided he needed to prove that Anne had committed adultery. For the Queen to commit such an offense was treason, and she'd be put to death. The insinuation of incest was as bad as the accusation of adultery. Anne and the others accused all denied the charges, but all were held in the Tower of London until tried.

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Sir Henry Norris defended Anne Boleyn's reputation to his own death, and the others also protested. All were executed. The trumped-up charges also changed public opinion about Anne, who was now pitied. Although there wasn't any evidence, Anne was found guilty and sentenced to death. If Anne died, Elizabeth could still potentially be an heir to the throne if he didn't get a male heir from Jane Seymour.

11 things you (probably) didn’t know about Anne Boleyn

Thomas Cranmer met with Anne Boleyn privately before her death. Although the specifics of their conversation will never be known, Anne did receive a more merciful death sentence beheading rather than burning at the stake. This, ironically, should have spared Anne's life-only the Queen's adultery could be considered treasonable, but Henry wasn't taking any chances, and nobody spoke up for her.

Henry did show a bit of mercy at the end, as he called for a skilled headsman from France, who used a sword a quick form of decapitation when compared to an axe to execute Anne on May 19, Although she didn't live to see the day, Anne's daughter Elizabeth did eventually ascend to the throne, ruling England for forty-five years. By continuing, you agree to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Please set a username for yourself. But George Bernard, professor of early modern history at Southampton University and editor of the English Historical Review, believes that the queen could well have been guilty of some of the charges laid against her — or at the very least that her behaviour was such that it was reasonable for Henry to assume she had committed adultery.

Anne Boleyn Facts

Examining a poem by Lancelot de Carles, who was then serving the French ambassador to Henry's court, Bernard concludes that the poem, entitled "A letter containing the criminal charges laid against Queen Anne Boleyn of England," offers strong evidence that Anne did, in fact, commit adultery. She was accused of "despising her marriage" and "entertaining malice against the king", with her indictment claiming that "by base conversations and kisses, touchings, gifts, and other infamous incitations" she seduced men including the musician Mark Smeaton, chief gentleman of the privy chamber Henry Norris and her brother George, Viscount Rochford, "alluring him with her tongue in his mouth and his in hers".

All five men, and Anne, were executed. De Carles's poem, says Bernard, explains how Anne's affairs came to light, following a quarrel at court between a privy councillor and his sister who, on being accused of promiscuous living, points to "a much higher fault that is much more damaging" in the queen.

It seems that the king had given his new lover a medallion with a miniature portrait of himself inside.

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From April , Anna was investigated for high treason, and on 2 May , around noon, she was arrested and taken to the Tower of London in a boat, where she was entrusted to the custody of William Kingston. Then the ladies who had accompanied her took off her hat but not the bonnet, which held her hair and left her neck free and the necklaces, while another lady tied a bandage over her eyes.

Suddenly the Executioner brandished his sword with a gesture that astonished the crowd, since no one had noticed the weapon so far, almost giving the impression that it had magically materialised in his hands at that moment. In reality the executioner had hidden the sword between the straw scattered at the foot of the log and his gesture could be explained with the intention of catching the condemned by surprise, and avoiding her prolonging the anxiety of waiting, as well as any sudden movements.

In that exact moment the executioner lowered the sword and cut her head. School History is a growing library of premium quality history worksheets, teaching resources and online history courses for use in the classroom.

We pride ourselves on being a safe website for both teachers and students. Skip to primary navigation Skip to main content Skip to footer. Although Henry was courting her, she did not give into his advances, and obliged the king to divorce from Catherine. Anne was not able to provide Henry with any male heirs.

However, she gave birth to Elizabeth I. Anne was executed on the charges of high treason in Biography It is not exactly known when Anne Boleyn was born. Anna spent the last days of her life locked up in the Tower of London. Bibliography [1.