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Perfect Song Fifty Percent Look Through You Light Up Like A Lion Sweetheart No More Plants Summer Song This release was sold almost entirely at shows and at Ann Arbor record stores around the time of it's release. Tracks were recorded around the same, but left off the album for whatever reason.

Come Hear The Angels Sing

There were less than 70 copies made and most of what we didn't sell or give away on tour probably got lost or damaged. All songs remastered for bandcamp release in Juan Garcia: Banjo and lap-steel guitar. Fred Thomas: Singing, guitar, harmonica, bass, drums, electric piano, bells, electronics, etc. Cover art by Jordana Swan.

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Tags alternative polyvinyl records ann arbor fred thomas indie indie pop indie rock indiefolk lo-fi michigan noisefolk pop rock Ann Arbor. Queen Elizabeth Hall, Southbank Centre.

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Cadogan Hall. Torres go to album.

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The story of Jesus' birth is told through the eyes of angels, watching in anticipation, as the Son of God is sent to earth to become the Savior for all mankind. The drama is very simple and can require as few as six characters, or can be performed with full choir in costume to present a full theatrical work with minimal rehearsal time. The five individual suites include the option of performing each suite separately through the Advent season, making your performance more versatile. The vocal arrangements by Dennis Allen remain in the Ready to Sing tradition.

Choirs of any size will find that they will enjoy the ease of singing and celebrating our Savior's birth with Hark! For the tale which is herein unfolded is a meager and obvious thing, plainly contrived by gag-writers to whom were handed some pencils and who were told to give. It has to do with four sisters—named Angel, to make the title clear—whose talent for popular singing is lightly dismissed by them.

All The Angels Sing

Then along comes a breezy band leader—Mr. The rest is familiar hocus-pocus, with Mr. MacMurray juggling the two girls around and coaxing as though that were difficult song numbers from them with his band. Best of the songs are Miss Hutton's. She blows her top comically with "Bluebirds in My Belfry" and "My Rocking Horse Ran Away"—the latter a wild and wistful scat-song from the mother of a harumscarum kid.

If the whole show were up to this number, it would be a sensational affair. Miss Lamour sings one ballad rather archly and the four girls do nicely with a tune that bears the philosophical title of "Knocking on Your Own Front Door.

Miss Hutton, too, takes doubtful honors for the performance of what fun the picture has. At least, she makes up in energy what the writers failed to provide.