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Once in a while a writer jots down thoughts that I call "gems unbidden," or gifts from the ethereal. I recently had such a gift which I shall share with you this day. From my September perch in life, I watch the grandkids romp under hot July skies. They cannot wait to grow up. Nestled in the rolling foothills of the Mother Lode, Sutter Creek beckons to all who appreciate tranquility of spirit and the undying beauty of nature.

Here is a glimpse of the town as it was nearly twenty years agohope you enjoy the ride Cecil and another dream car in Volcano, Hawaii.

Daughter of Family G — A memoir of cancer genes, love and fate

Senior challenges and advantages experienced during our Hawaiian vacation last month. Happy New Year, y'all! This morning I woke up humming "Ben", a tune made popular by a young Michael Jackson some years ago.

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While scouring through old files via my computer, I came across an Op Ed column written for The Record Stockton , an amusing piece about rodents. My sister Carol maintains "there are no accidents", so the song was a message from the ether: "Do publish the rat column again. Notes from my journal captured tantalizing moments while motoring across "bucket list" states in this great country of ours Today marks the 21st anniversary of my baby sister, Loretta Jean Schooler's, departure from this earth. This, a column I wrote for The Stockton Record following her death, I post in remembrance of the one our stepfather called "Midge," for her petite figure and her place among the siblings.

For Midge, with love You treated us royally, providing lodging and front-row center tables for your performance that Saturday night. Sinatra, for all that you were and the indelible mark you left upon us and the world. A trip to Lake Tahoe's North Shore inspired memories long suppressed My grandfather, Charles Mingus, Sr.


Dedicated to the biblical instruction to spare the rod and spoil the child, Grandpa Mingus decided early on that there would be no rod-sparing in his family. Thus began the Mingus dynasty Pictured here with her husband Alan Hershowitz, Erwin is nearing her goal of erecting a park honoring the bebop pioneer. Nogales, Arizona is Mingus's birthplace. Stunning art work by my artist sister, Carol Bowie, separates this book from previous Mingus biopics. Like Yvonne says in her foreword: "Uncle Charles would be proud! A trip to Borrego Springs delivers all you could ask for in a desert getaway. This Spring, thanks to record rainfalls, the Southern California desert is alive with orange-tipped ocotillo.

It even inspired a poem in honor of one of my favorite jazz greats But old age demands it. Strange how President Obama seems to follow us around the world. Let me explain: Last September we missed our beloved leader by just two days when visiting Talinn in Estonia via the Baltic Sea.

He'd left the day before our arrival. I'm sure had he known we were coming, he'd have lingered a while longer. Today, I learned that Mr. Obama is in Alaska to discuss the global climate changes and to rename the country's tallest mountain, Mount McKinley, to Denali. Margie Baker: Can a woman from a little Southern town in Texas find happiness in the metropolitan city of San Francisco? The answer is: "Yes! Cecil's Long EZ reunion; pictured with new owner Ben.

Last month, feeling the combined pull of cabin fever and wanderlust, we threw our gear into the car and headed south, trailing swarms of winged birds and wild geese.

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Enroute we experienced two very significant events that restored our faith in the kindness of the human heart. Come fly with me on my latest getaway. It happened this past September.

September has always been a favorite vacation month for me. Hey, wanna go outside and play? Me too! But we gotta be careful these days: There's a drought going on and we're caught in the middle of it! Just check out your local lakes and see for yourself Increased drug cartel activities have been much publicized lately. Many find these intimidating, and the impact upon the once thriving tourist business is evident through their diminished numbers. As recommended by the State Department, we stuck to the toll roads on our February journey through several Mexican states. What struck me most about the toll roads was the increased presence of young military and local law enforcement personnel.

Often there were caravans of them, and all wore bullet proof vests and carried automatic weapons.

Now My Heart is Full: A Memoir

According to one online travel expert, however, 'if you're not into drugs, you have nothing to worry about. February, the shortest month of the year, is crammed with celebrations. Biting your nails about that upcoming reading? Stage fright got you cringing? I know how you feel, because this just happened to me, a person who as a teacher and columnist has, in the past, spoken before groups numbering in the hundreds.

But wait, I just bolstered my own self-confidence with a few helpful hints garnered from experience. With Valentine's Day and my next reading fast approaching check out this poster , I needed to give myself a quick fix.

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I think these tips will work for you too! The Eiffel Tower, Paris. Why did I write this story?

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I found myself searching for an answer--an honest one. And then the words came:. In touch with our spirits we grow, we soar. In touch with our hearts, we love. She was a thing of beauty, thus a joy forever--if only in our memories. This tribute to my baby sister, Loretta Jean Schooler Hillmon comes during our national observance of breast cancer month. A Bishop's Life Excerpted from my autobiography "Wattspawn" c. Ah, but his would be the brightest spark of them all! A habit is a habit is a habit--except when it's not!

Consider my experience in caring for a sick nun, and draw your own conclusions Yesterday while browsing my hometown paper's obituaries, I came across the picture of a junior high and high school classmate who'd passed away on the Fourth of July. This set off an internal chain reaction that could not be contained Granny Does Europe: A Love Story will capture your heart as you journey through some of Europe's most fascinating attractions.

We live in Oakland, a Read More. By More. We meet their new teachers; I say hello, and then introduce the boys. I wish my boys have more play dates and birthday party invitations.

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I dream of neighborhood friends and for my children to feel like they belong. Just for a little while, I hope for a break from the explanations and the reciting of diagnoses. For just a few minutes, I want my children to safely blend into Read More. Palmer I.