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But really, who cares? But it was not an unsorted stack of vagrant scribbles; it was in words a sort of edifice. Mother Land is published by Hamish Hamilton.


Facebook Twitter Pinterest. Topics Fiction. Paul Theroux reviews. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Maybe when you enter a home of a friend or along a pathway that someone has just walked, have you somehow just gone through their thoughts?

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Nearly all of the stories that I have in this issue have come from this subtle energy, I was drawn in some way to the homes and the people in these stories, I was lead to a page on the internet that talked to me in subtle whisper, as if to say, look at me!. Do we all see the same thing as everyone else? Somethings just stand out in our day. Often their reply might be, a smile from a stranger, something special that someone did for them and of course, we are only human, something that we find attractive, something that we want to own or at least aspire to.

This issue of Styling has a number of themes running through it. I have designed and themed this issue around the colour gold. We are celebrating Autumn right now here in Australia and it has so much influence on my thoughts and my daily work. Rich golden colours are showing off right now, especially here in the Southern Highlands. We love the changing colours of the seasons and the golden colours of our fruit. In this issue we honour fruit and the beautiful little creatures that love fruit too, bugs, beetles and butterflies.

I have gathered a wonderful collection of botanical prints and paintings along with some of my favourite still life settings.

The Hero’s Heart

Why are we so naturally drawn to fruit? Why do artists paint fruit? The mix of colours, the shapes and the bowls that we use all tell a story.

The most important meditation: "Mother Earth Meditation"

Do you buy fruit to eat or to use to decorate, I do both! I will be truthful! Sometimes I buy a box of seasonal pears, apples or pineapples just because they look so good and I find it really frustrating when someone eats my decoration. The nice thing about fruit is that we get to bring a little bit of our earth to the inside of our homes.

I hope this issue brings joy to you. Thank you for being here right now. May we all live each day with an open heart that feels and sees the rich beauty around us. Coty Farquhar Styling Magazine. Gilt Bronze and carved Ivory figure of Standing girl with hula hoop, on a gilt bronze base. Styling Magazine - These pages are purely for inspiration and to share companies that sell on-line, the on-line auctions may be over, but there are always new items arriving for auction weekly-. Keep an eye on the auctions for finding wonderful treasures.

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  • XVI style carved console tables, Details of carving right. XVI style carved console tables Left A. Shopping at brocantes while enjoying the beauty of this lovely part of France. We offer buying trips for professionals and flea market tours, both private and as part of a group. Come and find your own treasure just drop me a line. Brianna and Caitlin share with us this month their thoughts about their mother.

    We wished we could have asked everyone to write a message, but we know their words express a similar feeling that we all have about our own mothers. However for me, it was not until I moved out of home that I realised how truly special my parents are. My Mum has taught me how to unconditionally love the people that surround you, to treasure every moment with family and friends, and to look for the positives in every situation, because life is short.

    She enthusiastically listens to everything I tell her. My Mum has taught me more than I could ever be educated about at High School or University - she has taught me about what and who really matters. To the most amazing Mum - thank you for everything! She has taught me that if you have a gift you should share it with humility. Yet if someone else should be so talented you should revel in his or her joy. I know these things because I have grown up seeing her flourish with dignity in every situation around her. She has done nothing that could not have made her beloved Mum as proud as she has made me.

    I hope that, I too, can do the same for her. Her actions deliberate or subconscious show that love is pure, selfless and endless. It is for these reasons that I know that she does and will always love me around the moon and back one million times, as I do her. Bugs and Bees Natural Treasures Beautifully crafted and detailed prints, pins and brooches. A selection of some of the most amazing insect designs by Cartier, Wallace Chan, Frederic Boucheron and a few fabulous finds.

    Her gentle way, her presence and the clear energy that surrounds her and her home is angelic and serene. Slavica shares her life, her home and her studio with Styling Magazine. She writes about her mother, her travels and where her inspiration comes from. This sense of care for everything that she has shapes her world and her creative self, as she is true to herself and most importantly her heart. Learning from Slavica from a young age through to my teenage hood, there is one thing that I will always remember.

    Be it from a clipping, book or from nature, never to copy, because an original is always worth more than a copy. Jimmie Rodgers. Arthur "Guitar Boogie" Smith. Total length:. Richard M. Roy Orbison , Sam Phillips.

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